Case Study

Repairing Majorie’s Floors

One of our customers, Majorie, had a contractor attempt to repair their floors, then after the contractor realized they couldn’t fix it, they quit. So, one of Majorie’s friends recommended Jean-Pierre, and they couldn’t believe the results:

Here’s what Majorie had to say:


“Exceptional work! My floor looks like new. I had a contractor come in to renovate my hardwood floor. He completely ruined it. I thought I had no other choice but to change the whole floor. I called Jean-Pierre Darrigol at Calgary Hardwood Flooring as a friend of mine had had some renovation done by him, and she was overly impressed with his work. Jean-Pierre was confident he could repair my damaged floor. He came while I was away on vacation, and when I came back, it looked like I had a new floor fitted in. Jean-Pierre did an amazing work (see picture). He is very professional and has years of experience in hardwood floor renovation. I would highly recommend him.”

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